Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez

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AEWs Mercedes Moné Discusses How Wrestling Changed Her Life, Most Underrated Performers & More

AEW World Champ Swerve Strickland Talks About How Music and Movies Impacted His Character & More

All Elite Wrestling's World Champion Swerve Strickland stopped by to talk with Josh Martinez about the evolution of his on-screen character and how certain hip-hop artists helped in the process. He also talked about how a show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens changed the trajectory of his career forever and more!

Tony Khan

I had the chance to kick it with AEW CEO Tony Khan days after he got physically involved in the wrestling ring. We discussed:
ALL IN, ALL OUT, Forbidden Door coming to NY, Goldberg's recent comments, celebrating 5 years of AEW, Adam Copeland's impact in AEW, the best wrestler on the planet today, AEW Champ Swerve Strickland's meteoric rise over the last 12 months and more.

Becky Lynch

WWE Superstar and WRESTLEMANIA main eventer Becky Lynch stopped by our studios to talk with Josh Martinez. Topics discussed: The insecurities that plagued her early on - Dealing with heartbreak - The one album she listened to while wrestling in Japan - Journaling since a young age - Stay at home mom's having a far more difficult job than she does - How does she want society to remember her? - Self sabotaging relationships - Being part of a fashion evolution in WWE - How important storytelling is to her matches & more!

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Sami Zayn

I had a chance to kick it with WWE Superstar SAMI ZAYN before WWE takes over Barclays Center April 1st.
We discussed: Most important match of his career - The feeling he had at Smackdown in Montreal the night before Elimination Chamber 2023 - How he felt about the online chatter of Chad Gable losing a WRESTLEMANIA chance to Sami Zayn? - Who came up with Jackie Redmond in the arena promos - Most underrated performer in WWE - How has fatherhood changed him & more.

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Damian Priest

I had a chance to kick it with fellow NuYoRican and current Money in the Bank holder, Damian Priest. We discussed: • The single most important match of his career. • Initial feelings on Edge leaving the Judgment Day. • Most underrated performer on the roster today. • Who he'd love to compete against that he hasn't wrestled yet. • His Favorite tattoo • As a child, the wrestler that impacted him most • Representation among Puerto Ricans in wrestling & more

Chris Jericho

I had AEW's Chris Jericho in-studio before AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam in Queens Wednesday Night September 20th. We talked about so many different topics including:
  • The importance of someone like EDGE in the AEW locker room.
  • Bray Wyatt's legacy in Wrestling.
  • Who DISAPPROVED of the "Festival of Friendship" in WWE.
  • Creating their "own" Wrestling Stadium by running shows at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
  • Letting the story lead YOU as a performer rather than leading the story where you want it to go.
  • Details nuances in performing before his match at ALL IN: London.
  • Bubba Ray Dudley suggesting he perform his own song to the ring.
  • Greatest non World Champions of all-time.
  • Who he believes could be a Future World Champion.
  • The importance of holding a Championship in wrestling for an extended period of time.
  • "Taboo Tuesday" and "Cyber Sunday" being a "shoot".
  • His favorite Tag Team partner of all-time?
  • Being a girl-dad and more!
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Tony Khan Before AEW Grand Slam In NYC

Before taking over Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY, Tony Khan stopped by our studio to discuss:

  • Jade Cargill's future.
  • The last three PPVs for AEW arguably being the greatest 3 PPV stretch in AEW.
  • AEW Grand Slam featuring FOUR Title matches.
  • Jon Moxley's importance to AEW.
  • Eddie Kingston getting hometown love at AEW Grand Slam.
  • Orange Cassidy's AEW International Title run.
  • Toni Storm's new character taking off with wrestling fans.
  • Saraya's bad ass entrace at ALL IN: London.

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Adam Cole Before ALL IN London

Before Wrestlings BIGGEST Event of All-Time I Spoke with AEW’s Adam Cole
I recently chatted with AEW's ADAM COLE before wrestling's biggest event of all-time, AEW ALL IN: LONDON.
They sold 80k+ tickets to the event.
While talking with Adam Cole (✌🏽BayBay✌🏽) I asked him about:

• Headlining the biggest PPV of all-time.
• The business decision behind having the headliners of the event wrestle for free before the PPV officially begins.
• "Switching a flip" from fun vignettes to intense in-ring promos.
• Biggest difference between fans in NYC & London.
• AEW Grand Slam coming back to Arthur Ashe Stadium September 20th.
• Staying loose between matches that'll be 4-5 hours apart & more!I had audio difficulties seconds before the meeting started so my apologies for the quality of my mic... or lack their of.

Charlotte Flair

I recently had a chance to kick it with WWE's 14x Champion CHARLOTTE FLAIR.

We discussed:

Her dream WRESTLEMANIA 40 scenario.

Who came up with the idea of flying into WRESTLEMANIA 35 in a helicopter.

What WRESTLEMANIA match stick out to her most.

Her most embarrassing moment in the ring.

The importance of her wardrobe and fashion to her character.

Favorite NYC Memories.

Crying to Dido's music.

Watching all "ROCKY" movies for the first time.

Country music she grew up listening to.

Most underrated fashionista in the women's locker room.

The first CDs she owned & so much more over 20 minutes.