Former Patriot Defender Kills 5 People In South Carolina Murder/Suicide

Former Patriot player Phillip Adams has been named named the gunman in shocking murder/suicide in Rock Hill, SC that occurred earlier this week.

Adams murdered his former doctor and his doctor's wife as well as 2 of their grandchildren. Adams also murdered a man who was working at the home of the doctor. A 6th victim is in the hospital with serious injuries. After the murders Adams turned the gun on himself.

Police were called to Adams' parents house around 4:45 p.m on Wednesday where they evacuated neighbors of the property and spent the next few hours searching for a suspect.

Allison Hope, who lives across from Adams’ parents’ home, told the Associated Press police allowed her to return home around 9 p.m. Wednesday and that's when moments later, a vehicle pulled into the Adams’ driveway and law enforcement quickly surrounded the property.

Police then apparently spent hours negotiating with Phillip Adams, using a loudspeaker and even sending in a robot to scan the house. Allison Hope said authorities repeatedly asked Adams to come out, and promised to get his disabled mother out safely before Adams shot himself. Reports say it happened after midnight with a .45-caliber weapon.

The motive is still not known at this time. Adams father told WCNC-TV, “I can say he’s a good kid — he was a good kid, and I think the football messed him up. He didn’t talk much and he didn’t bother nobody.”

Adams played on the Patriots defense during the 2011 season and bounced between other teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders, New York Jets, and the Atlanta Falcons in before he exited the league in 2015. In total, he played 78 games in the league.

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Photo: Getty Images