Disastrous Interview with Woman Who Assaulted 14 Year Old Over Lost iPhone

Following an incident at a New York City hotel last month where 22 year old Miya Ponsetto allegedly assaulted 14 year old Keyon Harrold Jr., CBS reporter Gayle King spoke with Miya and her lawyer in a truly disastrous interview about the incident and the video that has gone viral.

Ponsetto is seen on camera tackling Harrold Jr. to the ground in a attempt to seize his phone. She struggles to describe the events and her actions, specifically when it comes to the questioning of hotel guests in the lobby when looking for her phone. She says she was asking those leaving the hotel if they had seen it as management searched for her phone. She says she was "doing my part."

She then describes herself as "super sweet" and that this one event does not define her. Harrold Jr. sure wished "super sweet" Miya had shown up that day instead of the version he saw.

Photo: CBS This Morning

CBS' Gayle King presses Ponsetto on the subject of the alleged assault, this time she attempts to shift blame onto the 14 year old's father, Grammy Award winning jazz musician Keyon Harrold Sr. for protecting his son who is a minor, saying he "slamming me to the ground." Any parent would have done the same in this case. She then ADMITS she attacked the 14 year old and asks to move on.

She again struggles to make excuses for herself, like the fact that she is 22 years old or that she was alone in the city. Everyone watching can safely say they wouldn't attack a stranger, let alone a teenager. She then struggles to craft an argument.

Gayle King does not allow this defense, as she is an adult and should know better. Ponsetto then tries to cut the subject and "shush" Gayle King. Not a smart idea.

You just feel bad for her lawyer, though she's getting paid the whole time. Ponsetto was later arrested in California hours after the CBS interview.

According to CBS News, "Ventura County Sheriff's deputies arrested Ponsetto after spotting her driving near her home in Piru, northwest of Los Angeles, said department Capt. Eric Buschow."

"She tried to slam the door on one of the deputies and that's when they just reached in and forcibly removed her," he said, adding that the sheriff's office would ask county prosecutors to charge her with resisting arrest.

Photo: CBS This Morning