Here's What I Know About Beacon Heights University On "The Perfectionists"


If you are an OG Pretty Little Liars fan and caught the premiere of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists you of course noticed we aren't in Rosewood anymore! The Perfectionists takes places in Beacon Heights, specifically Beacon Heights University.

So, you're probably wondering is it real? Unfortunately Beacon Heights University doesn't exist. But, if you attend Lewis and Clark College or Pacific University, they DID use some of those buildings while filming. The filming actually films in Portland, Oregon.

If the university were real it seems like it would be a liberal arts school because there are tons of majors! Ava of course is studying fashion, Dylan is studying music, Caitlin political science and Alison is getting her master's degree in English so she can get a job back in her hometown as a college professor!

Beacon Heights University was founded by character, Claire Hotchkiss and her husband, along with Hotchkiss Industries. This is why Claire has all that power at the school! And why she was able to have them install BeaconGuard in the buildings so they can see what's happening.

I'm already SO obsessed with The Perfectionists! You must watch if you haven't!


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