This is Maryland's Favorite Potato Food!

It's National Potato Day! And a new study looked at Google Trends to find the most-loved potato dish in all 50 states. Here are the results . . .

1. French fries CRUSHED all the other choices. They're #1 in 18 states, including here in Maryland and four of the five biggest: California, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

2. Mashed potatoes are next with seven states: Alaska, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Fried mashed potato balls are #1 in Texas.

3. Baked potatoes, three states: Idaho, Montana, and Oklahoma. Baked sweet potatoes are #1 in South Carolina. And twice baked potato casserole is first in Arkansas, Kansas, and Mississippi.

4. Potato chips only topped the list in three states: Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine.

See the full map here.

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