PLAYLIST: Lots of New Pop from Selena Gomez, Kesha, Louis Tomlinson, more!

Check out the new songs on my playlist this week! These are the songs on my radar - new pop and alternative you need to know about!

  • First of all - Selena Gomez is back with some incredible music.
    • On Wednesday she gave us the incredible ballad "Lose You To Love Me". She clearly goes through a journey in this one. A lot of people speculate that it's abut her getting over Justin Bieber. There are some clear lyrics pointing to that like "You sang off key in my chorus".
    • Then Thursday we got a revival jam "Look At Her Now". Which has now been made hilariously famous by Lewis Capaldi in this (click) video about pizza.
  • We also got a comeback from Kesha. With the new collab with Big Freeda, she explodes back onto the charts. The new song "Raising Hell" sounds like something we would have gotten after "Die Young" or "Tik Tok".
  • Louis Tomlinson marked a new single last week with an appearance and performance of "We Made It" on Elvis Duran and The Z107 Morning Show.
  • Also on my personal radar this week are new alt songs from Beck, and Coldplay.
  • Plus Mumford and Sons make "Blind Leading The Blind" their official new single.
  • And Phantogram are back with a loud, trippy new track "In A Spiral".

Here's the whole playlist -Click play below and listen on iHeartRadio now!

Here's the music video Selena Gomez released with her new song.



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