You Could Make $100,000 A Year Doing What?!

A 'professional dog food taster' is a job that actually pays quite well. The entry level position in the quality department could pay up to $100,000!

What does the job entail? Well, the name really says it all. It basically involves tasting dog food to make sure the premium brand is exacting quality standards. Tasters sample tins of freshly made dog food and then proceed to eat and smell it.

Professional tasters are trained to identify flavors and either accept or reject the food. The job, while it is different, also comes with high-pressure deadlines and occasional surprises!

How do you find a job in this field? If you Google "consume test taster" you'll find many results for research companies and consulting firms that pet food companies hire.

Read the full article here: Pet Food Taster

Matt Provo

Matt Provo

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