Boston Man Upset With 7-Eleven Opens Up 6-Twelve Across The Street

A Boston man named Abu Masa is so angry with 7-Eleven that he decided to compete with them. How? He decided to open his own convenience store, directly across the street from a 7-Eleven, and named it "6-Twelve". 6-Twelve offers many of the same items as 7-Eleven, except hot food.

Masa onced owned the 7-Eleven franchise across the street but eventually lost his franchise after a falling out over the companies practices. The main issue? The company's policy on hot food.

The company demanded he offer hot dogs, taquitos and pizza, even though they didn't sell. Some days he was throwing away hundreds of dollars worth of food. 

“Whatever, whenever they want they can bring into the store and we have no option, no choice but to accept it,” Musa told CBS Boston. “Because they said you signed the paperwork.”

Source [CBS Boston]

Matt Provo

Matt Provo

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