Reliving Derby 147

What a weekend it was here in Kentuckiana! Derby 147 was a huge success (as always) and this one will always be the most special to me because it was my FIRST Derby. Now you're probably thinking oh great one of our local DJs is a newbie to Kentucky, but actually quite the opposite. I grew up right here in the Bluegrass State and have lived in Louisville for the last 6 years (a graduate of THEE UofL) but it just never worked out to get myself to the Derby. Well... that all changed this weekend and I have to say it lived up to all the expectations and then some, even with a limited crowd. Here are some of the highlights from the day.

Ashley and I took on the red carpet to start the day!

Had to get a pic with my good friend, mentor, and the Louisville radio GOAT (yeah I said it) Tony Vanetti!

placeholder image

Checking out the track and Winner's Circle. Let's go! Now this next part is super funny. I don't fan girl for many but I am a huge fan of Dave Portnoy. I knew he was going to be at the Derby so I made it a goal to find him and get a picture. In reality, I did not think I had a chance. I mean thousands of people at this massive track.. he could be anywhere right?! Well I decided to walk around and this was the result..

Absolutely couldn't believe it! Oh and I also bet a few bucks on Medina Spirit, just saying. What a phenomenal first Derby experience! Here's to many more. Only 369 days until the 148th

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