Starbucks Lovers Get Free Priority Boarding On Alaska Airlines This Weekend

Are you traveling this weekend? Are you flying on Alaska Airlines? Are you a Starbucks lover?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, you're in for a treat!

Alaska Airlines and Starbucks have partnered for deal that will make your airport experience a bit more exciting than usual. For people traveling between Nov. 7 and Nov. 10, you can get free priority boarding on Alaska Air when you arrive at your gate carrying a Starbucks holiday cup. Yup, it's that easy!


According to Alaska Air, all you have to do is stop at Starbucks before you head to your gate and order a drink. No matter what your order is, your drink should come in one of the new holiday cups.

However, if the airport Starbucks doesn't have holiday cups, just grab a holiday drink sleeve and that will still work!

Also, Starbucks' new reusable holiday cup will also count toward this offer.

Safe travels!



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