Joe Keery On 'Stranger Things' Fans Liking His Music Just Because The Show

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In addition to playing fan-favorite Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, Joe Keery also makes music under the moniker Djo. While the actor is just as passionate about making music, it's not lost on him that a lot of people might listen to his music just because they love the show, and he's surprisingly cool with it.

“The stage persona started as a way to disassociate the music from the character that everybody knew me as on Stranger Things,” Keery told NME of his choice to don sunglasses and a wig during Djo gigs, “but I ended up loving the camaraderie that it creates. My goal is to surprise people and to have a really fun show that’s infectious!"

“It’s not lost on me that [Stranger Things fans] are going to come and see Djo – and that’s cool," he admitted "If they like the music that’s great and if they only like it because of the show, that’s also fine. The main thing is to have fun.”

Keery isn't the only Stranger Things star who doubles as a musician. Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley, and Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), have also recorded their own albums. And apparently they all help each other out. “We listen to a lot of music together in our downtime,” Keery revealed. “Maya [Hawke] and I just swapped links for our records, which was fun, and actually Finn [Wolfhard] came into the studio when I was recording. We were hanging out and working and he gave me his thoughts on the new record… The Stranger Things family band!”

Djo's sophomore album DECIDE is slated for a September 16 release.

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