Harry Styles Helped A Concertgoer Come Out As Gay: 'You Are A Free Man!'

Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles couldn’t help but take notice of one fan’s sign during a recent performance in London. The beloved international pop star took a moment to recognize the fan’s request for the crowd at Wembley Stadium to “help me come out.” The audience cheered as Styles picked up a vibrant Pride flag.

“When this flag goes above my head, you are officially out,” Styles declared into the booming microphone. “I think that’s how it works. When this flag goes above my head, you’re officially gay, my boy!”

Styles waved the Pride flag across the stage a few times before triumphantly lifting it above his head, and the crowd went wild as they cheered for the concertgoer. Styles offered a word of congratulations, telling the concertgoer, “you are a free man!” Watch the moment unfold here.

Styles’ latest album, Harry’s House, debuted last month. Styles spoke about the 13-track project during his exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party, explaining at the time that his album aims to be an “experience.”

“It’s like your ‘secret’ for so long. Sometimes there’s a little moment of, ‘oh, it’s not mine anymore,’” Styles said, when asked what it feels like to release the album to the public. “But it’s really freeing, I think. It kind of feels like it’s in a vault for so long, you feel so protective of it. And then just being out to play it loud and let people hear it is really fun, and ultimately what it’s for. I’m really, really excited. I’m really happy with the album and I’m really excited that people are gonna be hearing it now.”

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