Tim McGraw Shares How He Stays 'True To My Core' After 30 Years In Music

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Tim McGraw’s career spans decades. It’s packed with hit songs from “I Like It, I love It,” to “7500 OBO” and everything in between — and McGraw recently spoke about how he hit his stride. The country hitmaker explained to his record label that as an artist, he absorbs what he hears, and stays true to his strengths.

“I think for me, I’m certainly influenced by everything that I hear, always. I mean, I think that as a artist you have to keep your heart and soul open as you move along for things to sort of hit you and sorta sink in or bounce off,” McGraw said. “I think I’ve been doing this for so long that I certainly know my road that I travel – the kind of music that I make and what I’m comfortable with and the kind of atmosphere I create with my music.

“But I also like to hear stuff and sort of think, well this is kinda cool. Let me do my version of some of these sounds that I hear on the radio now,” he continued. “Or let me do my version of some of these drum beats that I hear on the radio, and still do what I like to do, and still do the kind of music and the sort of soulfulness and the groundedness and the earthiness, I guess is the best way to put it, that I like to put into music, and not go too far off the road one way or the other. Just sort of stay true to my core but sort of incorporate some stuff that I hear along the way.”

The 1883 star is gearing up for the McGraw Tour 2022, hitting the road with three artists: Russell DickersonAlexandra Kay and Brandon Davis. In December, McGraw shared a video of the moments he extended invitations to join him on tour, and their reactions were priceless. See the upcoming tour dates here.

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