Veteran Tosses His Dog Out of Car After It Dies of Heat Exhaustion

This shocking video is coming out a Walmart in Willows, California where a couple say they spotted a man toss a dead dog out his pickup truck while they were eating in their car a few spots over.

That's when the couple, Clarissa and Ricky Montes, got out to confront the driver on video. Ricky, a US Marine, is shocked to find the driver is also former military after the man in the truck identified himself as former US Army.

WARNING: Video contains strong language not suitable for children and not safe for work.

Ricky Montes spoke with Action News Now about the confrontation and say the whole situation was "disturbed, just sickening."

That's when Walmart staff called the country sheriffs office. Montes said, "once the sheriffs [deputies] pulled up, we went in to continue our shopping and then by the time we came out both the truck and the dog were gone. Deputies as well."

"We contacted the person that did it," Glenn County Sheriff Richard Warren told Action News Now. "They have been issued a citation for the court for cruelty to an animal and improperly disposing of an animal."

Sheriff Warren also said despite the crime being a potential misdemeanor and a felony, the man had not been arrested. But if he had been found guilty, he could have been sentenced to 12 months in jail.

"We don't have to arrest everybody," says Warren while also admitting that the COVID-19 pandemic had played a role in not booking him to jail.

The animal's body was properly disposed of after the incident.

Photo: am1withgod/TikTok

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