Meet Portland's 'Naked Athena' As She Confronts Police

Police monitoring the ongoing protests in Portland weren't quite ready for 'Naked Athena'. That's the nickname given to an unidentified woman who confronted the cops wearing a facemask - and nothing else. The woman stood in front of a line of heavily armed officers, striking a series of yoga and ballet-style poses.

Her birthday suit strategy seemed to work - witnesses say the officers left about 10 minutes after Naked Athena's arrival. Portland has some of the nation's most lenient laws on public nudity, recognizing it as a legitimate form of political protest.

WARNING - video contains nudity and is not suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion advised.

Click here to see some video.

Okay, story time - do you have a 'naked in public' story?

Photo: Donovan Farley/Twitter

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