Doctor Puts On 6 Masks To Debunk Oxygen Deprivation Myth

A doctor out of Dublin, Ireland recently made a video that takes on the myth that face masks deprives the brain and body of oxygen. This video specifically challenges this notion in the simplest of ways.

Dr. Maitiu O Tuathail posted a video to Twitter that shows him wearing six face masks while hooked up to a machine that measures oxygen saturation levels in the blood via a clip on the index finger. You might remember this sort of machine from any time you had your blood pressure measured.

As the doctor places each mask on his face, one by one, you can see the readings fluctuating just slightly between 99% and 98 percent. The reported normal rate is between 94 and 100 percent.

Tuathail writes that he was repeatedly asked by patients if wearing a face mask would lower their oxygen levels. He said his patients were being misinformed and were basing their questions “on what they are reading on social media.”

He also writes, "I managed to get six face masks on + it had no effect on my oxygen levels!”

Some did question the fact that Tuathail was stationary the entire time of the video and did not exert himself at all which is a popular complaint about the mask.

Photo: @DrZeroCraic/Twitter

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