Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs' Recognizes Graduating Trade Workers

So many movie, TV, and internet stars have been congratulating college graduates over the last few week for all their work and mostly to give them the commencement speeches and graduation ceremonies that they missed out on due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Mike Rowe, formally of the TV show 'Dirty Jobs' had a different group in mind for a shout out, the futures trade workers of the United States. Mike has a point here, the silence has been deafening for some of the these skilled trade workers in the workforce now that have not been seeing any thanks nationally. Not that they need the praise, just not much has reached them.

Mike offers a simple, "thanks." Because he knows through years of experience and countless interviews that these people aren't in it for a thank you, though they'd appreciate one. Mike then goes on to highlight some trade workers that have thrived in his scholarship program, check out the video below!

Photo: Mike Rowe/Facebook

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