Costco $75 Coupon Offer is a Scam

Before you click that link, give away your personal information, and share it with your unsuspecting friends, you should know... that it's a scam: Costco says it is NOT behind a $75 coupon offer circulating online. The scam purports to offer $75 Costco coupons in honor of the retailer's anniversary. All you have to do is click the link, which directs you to someplace other than Costco, enter a plethora of personal information, then share it with all your friends so they too can be duped by the scam that you just fell for... but hopefully we've reached you in time. Were you able to sniff this out as a scam right away? Do you know someone who always falls for this stuff? Do you even try to warn them anymore? Why do you think people are so easily duped by scams that appear so obvious to the rest of us?

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