10-Year-Old Sends Out Message in a Bottle, Receives Response 9 Years Later

A Massachusetts man who sent out a message in a bottle when he was 10 years old has received a reply -- nine years later. Max Vredenburgh, who's now a sophomore at Suffolk University, says he threw a wine bottle containing a message into the water in Rockport back in August 2010. In the letter, the young Vrendenburgh listed some of his "favorite things," which included apples, the beach and outer space, he recalls. He asked the finder of the bottle to "please write back." On Friday, Vredenburgh received a text from his father, who told him he'd received a letter from someone named "G. Dubois," who found the bottle on a beach in Southern France in October. Beginning the response with "hello," Dubois -- who doesn't indicate whether he or she is a man or a woman -- describes finding Vredenburgh's message in a bottle and not much else. Nevertheless, Vredenburgh is thrilled. "I am mind blown," he says. "Nine years." Have you ever received a response to a message in a bottle or a note tied to a balloon?

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