Portsmouth Is Trying To Eliminate Motorcycle Noise

I have a genuine question for the peoples that live in Portsmouth.

The city is pretty much the destination to go to for people of all ages that live in the area. You knew that moving there. If you're so concerned about avoiding noise...WHY DID YOU MOVE TO THE PLACE THAT WOULD HAVE THE MOST FOOT TRAFFIC AND IS THE MOST DESTINED?!

I don't own a motorcycle, but if I did, I'd be annoyed as hell that residents are complaining about the noise that one makes while it drives by. It lasts for a total of like 4 seconds when it drives by...if you don't want noise, MOVE TO A DESERTED ISLAND!

I mean no offense or anything but...come on. This whole noise thing is ridiculous. You can't do ANYTHING in Portsmouth without noise complaints. What's next? Gonna have the birds arrested for chirping at 6am when it warms up?

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