York High School Students Form SAFER Organization

BIG ups to York High School students Sophie Blanchard, Addy Fagan, Karsten Rees, Danielle O'Connell, Joey Slusher, and Alivia King, who stepped up in the last couple weeks since the Parkland shooting to form an organization that's all about protecting their peers and eventually, other high schools.

SAFER (Students Advocating for Firearm and Emergency Reform) is all about meeting with administration to review and update (if needed) lockdown policies, encourage other high schools to create SAFER chapters, and even meet with local legislators and educate the community as a whole.

My favorite part? These kids actually understand they're the future and want to lead the way, considering one of them (Sophie Blanchard) talked about the students that make up SAFER not even being 18 being the ones leading this movement.

The future will be in good hands with people like this stepping up. GREAT JOB, York High and SAFER!

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