Have You Seen The Shipwreck That Surfaced On Short Sands?

That Nor'easter was NO joke this past weekend -- I've seen pics of parts of the Seacoast STILL under water, and we're supposed to get a good chunk of snow tomorrow (8-14"). But it came with its cool parts, too -- a good reason to binge watch everything on Netflix all weekend, and even cooler -- an old shipwreck surfacing.

It's the skeleton of an 18th century war ship that washed up on Short Sands Beach in York Beach, Maine -- and it's HUGE. Looks small in the pics, but if you browse through the pics below, you'll see its size compared to the size of a grown human.

So dope. Might try and make it down there before it washes back away or something (or gets buried under a foot of snow...)



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