Did Gronk Just Dispute A Report That He's Returning To The NFL?

I blogged yesterday about rumors that Gronk was actually unhappy and considering retirement -- a few hours later, sports reporter Ian Rapoport said that Gronk is expected to return to the NFL next season, despite the rumors he's considering retiring.


HOWEVER...3 hours after that report came out, Gronk posted this cryptic Tweet...


Like I said yesterday -- I love me some Gronk and he's the best tight end (and women think he has the best tight end) in the game. But, I gotta yell ya...with how much the dude gets injured, maybe he SHOULD hang it up and go into acting or WWE like he's rumored. Not just for the Pats sake of fielding a healthy team, but also because at this rate, the dude is going to be crippled and in a wheelchair by the time he's 35.


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