Somersworth PD & High School Deserves Some Props For This

On the one side, it's really disappointing that local students would be making threats shooting up a school just 6 days after 17 students were killed down in Florida. On the other hand, it's great to see that FINALLY, these threats aren't being taken lightly.

Yesterday, Somersworth PD caught wind of a threat a student made to "shoot up the school" and investigated it immediately -- to the point that by the end of the school day, an automated message had already gone out to all of the parents of Somersworth High kids telling them what went down.

And while there was apparently no proof that the student made the claim, the fact that the student who was said to have made the threat and one of his parents were in the Principal's Office shortly after is a really good sign that we're moving in the "see something/say something" direction. Not sure if it was a student that tipped off a faculty member or what, but either way...good job, Somersworth PD and High School.

And also, good job Northwood PD and Coe-Brown for the way you handled the Monday threat. This is the stuff that needs to happen to ensure the safety of our Seacoast kiddos and teachers.

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