Survey Reveals The Top 3 Valentine's Candies In Each State

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite times of year. For no other reason than it's socially acceptable to binge on all the most delicious candy that makes some rare appearances -- conversation hearts? JuJu Hearts? PUT 'EM ALL TO MY FACE!

But in all seriousness, put together a nationwide survey to figure out the top 3 candy favorites for Valentine's Day in every state. And I gotta say...locally? We have good taste. Here are NH, Maine, and Massachusetts' Top 3 faves.


1. Conversation Hearts

2. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates

3. Chocolate Hearts


1. Chocolate Hearts

2. Ghirardelli Gift Box

3. Conversation Hearts


1. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates

2. Chocolate Hearts

3. Conversation Hearts

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