The Community Is Making Sure David Kohlhase Will NEVER Be Forgotten

It's really crazy to think it's already been a couple weeks since 18-year-old David Kohlhase was killed during a sledding accident during a Seacoast snow day, but in a way, it's really heartwarming to see how tightly the community is banding together around his loss.

David's former baseball coach, Steve Turner, makes hats with messages on them about supporting skilled trades. He's decided to make one in honor of David, who was an avid fisherman, and proceeds will go toward a Portsmouth High School scholarship that benefits students pursuing careers in the skilled trades. (By the way, Steve, I'm gonna be needing to buy one of those hats, please and thanks.)

On top of Steve's hats, Portsmouth resident Ewa Olbrych-Rudzinska has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to have one or two sculptures of a tuna made in honor of David -- again, since he was an avid and skilled tuna fisherman. She plans on putting one statue at Rye Harbor (if she's granted permission), and if there's enough money for a second statue, one will be placed at Portsmouth High School.

Seriously -- it's TERRIBLE what happened, but LOVE seeing the Seacoast bonding together for a good dude. 

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