Dover, NH Teen Lands Spot On "Steve Harvey Show"

SO COOL! Like I always say...LOVE seeing local people make a POSITIVE impact nationally, and that's what 11-year-old Dover Middle Schooler Anna Blanchette managed to do. A couple weeks ago, she appeared on an episode of the "Steve Harvey Show" BECAUSE OF AN INVENTION SHE CREATED!

Anna had a major concern for the sea animals that would end up getting caught up and possible killed from plastic bags and the 6-pack plastic connectors that could end up in the ocean, so she created the "Ocean Pollution Solution" -- which is a product that dissolves in water, which eliminates the threat of any harm to sea animals.

Producers for the show ended up finding out about Anna and her invention and reached out to the Blanchette Family to have Anna appear on the show! She (and her fam) were flown out to L.A. for a taping on Jan 11, and the episode aired on the 15th!

Congrats, Anna! DON'T EVER STOP!

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