Yup...this sucknugget.

Last night, Jelena (that's Justin and Selena, who are back together again for the 2094723248597823489th time, in case you've been living under a rock) were out on a Dave & Buster's date night when a fan noticed the two of them and started taking pics and vid on his cell phone.

Clearly, that's a no-no thing to do when it comes to the Biebs and his enormously douchey ego, and he lunged at the dude to try and get his phone (to presumably delete the pics/vids, or smash the phone into a million pieces because Justin sucks like that.)

Security held him back and he never made contact with the guy, and also booked it out of there before police arrived on the scene like the real coward sucktard he is. But the fan is suing him for a bunch of stuff, including attempted robbery, attempted battery, and attempted theft.

Best part? Bieber is on probation from that egging case...so hopefully he just messed up hard enough to end up in jail and I can stop wasting my finger power typing about this tool.