So there's a couple stories about why this went down last night -- Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber were both at the same club in Ibiza. Obviously, there's BAD blood between the 2 of them ever since rumors about Biebs hooking up with Orlando's then-wife Miranda Kerr after he worked the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (which she denies.) A few months ago, Orlando was seen hanging with Selena Gomez. #Payback

So fast forward to last night, where there's 2 stories: 1) Bieber offered his hand to Orlando for a shake, and Orlando returned by offering his fist to Justin's face. 2) Bieber saw Orlando and made a wiseass remark about hooking up with his then-wife. Here's the video:

And right after the fight, Bieber decided to be super appropriate and mature about the situation...and post this pic to his Instagram (which he deleted pretty quickly after.)