Ever hear the phrase "Money talks, BS walks?" -- well, money is DEFINITELY talking for Chris Brown right now.

Part of his probation from the Rihanna assault case was NO physical contact with a woman. Turns out while he was in rehab, he touched some woman's elbow. BOOM...PROBATION VIOLATION...GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200...AND ROT, YOU SUCKTARD.

So fast forward to another incident where he allegedly broke someone's nose in DC...THAT trial is supposed to get started next month. Well, now Breezy is opening his wallet and trying to settle with THAT dude, which will block him from ANOTHER violation of his Rihanna probation...which will get him out of jail.

...if you just got confused, I did too. Conclusion? If Chris Brown is such an a-hole, how about we stop accepting his stupid money and let him rot for the stupid crap he's done.

Okay...that's a lot of words, but I'm off my soapbox now.