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Moguai is ready to PUNX it up - he is breathing new life back into his label after it went on a small hiatus. Over the past few years, he's been releasing his music on labels like Size and mau5trap. But now, Moguai is bringing his tunes back to PUNX.

He says, "When I first started PUNX it was about providing a platform for different and exciting music. It was about sounds that were unique and didn’t conform. Right now dance music is getting to a point where more and more tracks are sounding the same, so to me it is the perfect time to revisit the original thinking and go against the grain. It’s a kind of revolution, where it’s not about how many units are sold but about providing DJs – and in turn audiences – with fresh sounds that they’ve never heard before."

To help him achieve this new revolution of unique sound, Moguai has teamed up with Spinnin' Records, and will kick things off with a brand new track called "PunkOmat." The song will be released on June 24th.

For more of the Punx sound from Moguai, tune in to his weekly show on Evolution Radio on iHeartRadio, every Monday night at 11p ET. Punx up the Volume!

Listen to "PunkOmat" below: