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Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba ended in April, but the controversy surrounding it might finally be over, thanks to some newly revealed treasury documents.  Though President Obama repeatedly denied any involvement in the couple's trip, new official proof has been made public. 

According to "New York Magazine," a news organization called MuckRock filed a Freedom of Information Act request, in an attempt to end the debate over why and how Jay and Bey visited the country.  The documents reveal that the couple went as a part of a group organized by the Sir John Soane Museum Foundation.  The foundation released a statement to the magazine detailing the activities of the trip, saying that participants studied the architecture and art history of Havana.  

After some Republican lawmakers prompted further inquiry into the trip in April, Jay-Z released an "Open Letter," mentioning his personal friendship with the President.  Obama himself took on the matter at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, joking that he had "99 problems and Jay-Z is one of them." 

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