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Ke$ha is claiming to have had a special moment with one of Hollywood's biggest leading men - Johnny Depp. 

In an interview with U.K. site Metro, the party girl says that she and the actor "had eyeball sex" when they crossed paths at a Los Angeles benefit concert for Superstorm Sandy.  The encounter was just months after Depp's split from Vanessa Paradis.  Ke$ha admits that they "never really talked," but insists she exchanged some mutual sexually-charged staring with the star.   

The 26-year-old bad girl also tells the site that she feels if "men in music talk about sex, girls, strippers and partying," she can too.  She calls out the double-standard in the industry, saying that just because she's a woman who is open about her sexuality and lifestyle, it doesn't make her "a drunk." 

The singer's documentary series "My Crazy, Beautiful Life," chronicling two years of her life, premieres on MTV on April 23rd.